Tackling the paper monster like a boss with $6 and 60 minutes

Scared, determined and fed up, I decided to tackle one of the biggest problem areas in our home today…the paper monster.

These sneaky little devils find their way into our home through none other than, you guessed it–the mailbox.

Every day we receive bills, coupons, notices (good, bad or indifferent) in the mail. They find themselves piling up in every place imaginable. The kitchen counter, living room desk, on top of the fridge, mantle, kitchen table, bathroom (yeah I know strange), you name it–these things are out to devour us!

As I looked all around in confusion, wondering what I was going to do, an idea hit me. I’m going to use those $0.98 plastic shoeboxes I picked up at Wal-mart a few weeks ago and tackle this beast once and for all.

Let me backtrack a minute with a quick little behavioral background on my shopping habits. If and when I find a good deal on an organizing tote, box, crate, whatever–I buy it! Do I have a use for it at the moment? Most of the time no, but I know I’ll find one because our house is very unorganized at the moment due to two parents working. And when the cleaning bug strikes, I want to be armed and ready sort! lol. Ya’ feel me homes?

Anywho, back to the mission. I grabbed some masking tape and a permanent marker (sorry no fancy printouts at this site, but would you really print them anyways), and began to label the cheap little shoeboxes into 6 categories:

  • Inbox/Sort: All incoming mail will hopefully go here
  • Outbox: All mail that needs to go to the mailbox goes here
  • Need to tackle: Letters, bills, etc. Things I need to address but can wait
  • Urgent: Shit I need to pay asap to keep the lights on
  • Coupons: Coupons I’ll probably never use, but have high hopes I will
  • Save/File: Anything I need to keep and file away later (I’m thinking I will do this once a month, or until the box bursts open–whichever comes first).

Additional categories that I didn’t file into the boxes included a recycle, trash and mail forwarding pile. I get a lot of mail for a guy named Mike still. lol

Here’s the visual…

Organizing the Mail Monster

Not only did I find this process relatively easy, it actually was kind of fun (in as fun as cleaning can be kinda way). I turned on #femalepowerhouse band Pack a.d. and went to town on that massive, monstrous master pile of mail. I mean this pile was huge. I’m thinking I could have had a decent bonfire going in no time should I decided to quit. I may actually do that will all the junk mail. Smores anyone?

burning mail in the fire

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