The Easy as Shit Meal Plan w/ Shopping List

Please note: This easy as shit mean plan is intended for audiences who are parents, wish to eat healthy (for the most part), and are looking for a simple meal plan that is easy to cook and prepare.

Let’s be real. When you’re a parent, cooking for kids blows. Even if you made the finest fare imaginable, they’d likely find that one bite-size piece of onion and the whole thing would be on the floor. What makes it worse is when you are trying to eat healthy and don’t necessarily want to put a ton of effort into cooking.

What’s the way around all the prep, mess, and stress? Follow this meal plan! 😉

Now just a little disclaimer: I’ve done both the hardest and the easiest meal plans out there. I’ve precooked large meals all in one day and went to the store each day for the night’s dinner. I’ve shopped for three days, a week, two weeks and a month. Pretty much I’ve tried all of the possible cooking and grocery shopping scenarios, and here’s what I’ve found: Shopping for 1 week is the easiest, mixing some store bought foods with easy homemade ones is best, and creating a 7-day meal plan with a shopping list will keep you from going cray-cray. 

Here’s why I prefer this 3-step approach:

  1. Cooking HAS to be easy if it is going to work on a long-term basis. It also has to be healthy. Hence the store bought and home made food mix.
  2. One week is just enough time to use produce before it goes bad
  3. Shopping for one week means meal planning for one week. Who has time to meal plan 2, 3 or even 4 weeks? If the list stays short, you stay sane.

Also, if you’re like most of us…a budget is a necessity. I tried to keep one week of shopping for a family of four to $100. You could easily spend more or less depending on your level of thriftiness. I would say I’m of average thriftiness (i.e. I go for the deals if available, but still always look for quality. For example, if I’m given a choice between a less expensive can of kidney beans with a ton of sodium, or a reduced sodium one for a few cents more, I’ll choose the one with less sodium.)

Ok enough jibber-jabber, background garbage, to download the excel doc of my next week’s meal plan and shopping list for Saturday, click here. Let me tell ya…this list is super easy and painless, I promise! You can also use this excel sheet to plan your future meals and shopping lists by grocery department!

Click Here—->To Get Your Easy As Shit Meal Plan

I truly hope next week is a pain-free, healthy, meal planning/cooking experience for you! Let me know in the comments below if you found value in this blog, and if it helped. Share this with your clan on your fav social media profile, and spread the pain-free shopping experience! You’ll be praised for saving the day (ok, can’t promise that, but it sounds nice)!

To Making Life Easy,




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