Attention Moms: Here’s Your #1 Chore

Have you ever woke up to grab your morning joe and seen a mirror image of The Hangover lingering about your abode? Shit there, shit here, shit up where? Basically, the house is a total mess, and if memory serves correct, you just spent all day yesterday cleaning it. BIG.PAIN.IN.THE.ASS. (To say the least.) Well ladies that was me this morning. And you know what…I’m done! I’m done cleaning up only to see it come back to life overnight. Is this you too? Read on.

Getting Everyone on Board

From now on, my #1 chore will be to get EVERYONE involved with the cleaning. I want everyone to take a vested interest, so I’m not continually left with the burden. Seems fair right? However, does it seem realistic? Ah, hell no it doesn’t! It’s going to require a plan…maybe a challenge? The average chore chart isn’t going to cut it either.

The Challenge

Everyone in our little family inherited a super crazy competitive streak. Pretty much my husband and I have always had a healthy competition going. We love to challenge each other, and when we do, we tend to get a little competitive. That’s why for us, a challenge to get everyone motivated seemed appropriate. So I created “The Family Chore Wars” where Monopoly money is king and can be traded for cash value at the end of the week. Does $1 translate to $1 as you see pictured below? Nope! We ain’t that rich. One monopoly dollar equals 50 cents, five dollars equals $2.50 and so on and so forth. Bathrooms and picking up dog shit got the highest ROI, as we all hate those jobs. Lol Want to add an extra zinger to the chore war extravaganza? The person who gain the most coin in our family gets the coveted $5 bonus! (Bonus lesson: you’ll teach your kids that hard work PAYS! And if you work super hard, you get a bonus.)

Making the Family Chore Wars Board

Here’s what you’ll need to pull off this chore board on steroids: a black poster board, fake dollar bills, a white crayon, scrapbook paper, a permanent marker, a ruler, tape, cardboard or a cutting mat, and a box cutter or Exacto knife.

Step 1: Buy the black poster board and print out the appropriate number of fake dollar bills (or use monopoly money).
Step 2: Use your ruler to measure out the lines as pictured above. Make sure the left-hand side of the board has a place for the chores, the right-hand side for each person’s name to hold their money, and the there is enough room at the top for the days of the week and chore board title.
Step 3: Grab your cardboard or cutting mat and lay it under the poster board.
Step 4: Take your Exacto knife, and cut a slit along each line in the calendar portion (where the fake dollar bills will go).
Step 5: Grab your permanent marker and your scrapbooking paper. Write the chores for your family that will be fastened to the board on the scrapbooking paper.
Step 6: Fasten the chores with tape and you’re good to go! Hang that sucker on the wall!

Consistency is Key

I’m preaching to the choirs here when I say you HAVE to be consistent with monitoring the board if this is going to work. You are, in essence, the chore coach and project manager. If you take a break, they take a break. What does this entail? Refilling the money on the chore board each week, having weekly family meetings where cash and the bonus are distributed. Bottom line…show up or see shit pile up. The decision is yours mama!

Happy dictating!

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