10 Super Easy Art Projects for Kids

10 Art Projects For Kids_V2 (2)
10 Super Easy Art Projects for Kids
Job ID PA-SH0006166 Shoot Date 8/02/2016
1. Here’s how you make hand-woven bracelets for a good cause. Learn more by clicking here.
tube tower
2. These super easy tube houses are made from toilet paper rolls and paper. Fun! Click here for more info on this craft.
3. Who knew even your old egg shells could have a purpose!? Try this fun craft by going here.
4. Amp up your green, creative thumb, with these cute little egg carton lady bugs!
5. These tissue box dinosaur feet are sure to cause a scare (and a lot of laughs). Grab your dino feet recipe here.
6. All the other kiddos on the block will be SO JELLY over these jellyfish in a bottle! Click here to learn more.
cloud 01.jpg
7. Bring art in the clouds with this super easy rain cloud experiment.
storm in a jar cool.jpg
8. And if a rain cloud isn’t enough, try a storm cloud! See how it’s done by clicking here.
9. Help your little one grow his fine motor skills with this silly octopus craft.
10. What a fun way to get your kiddos outside AND doing something fun and artistic in the process. Try having them make some Earth Art today!

That’s it folks! 10 super fun projects that you can easily do with your kids. Pick your favorite and get started. (Fyi…you may have noticed some of the projects border on science. This is true, a few do. Reason? Art and science can work hand in hand, and it’s important to teach your kiddos the correlation early on!)

Have fun making!



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