10 Super Easy Art Projects for Kids

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10 Super Easy Art Projects for Kids
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1. Here’s how you make hand-woven bracelets for a good cause. Learn more by clicking here.
tube tower
2. These super easy tube houses are made from toilet paper rolls and paper. Fun! Click here for more info on this craft.
3. Who knew even your old egg shells could have a purpose!? Try this fun craft by going here.
4. Amp up your green, creative thumb, with these cute little egg carton lady bugs!
5. These tissue box dinosaur feet are sure to cause a scare (and a lot of laughs). Grab your dino feet recipe here.
6. All the other kiddos on the block will be SO JELLY over these jellyfish in a bottle! Click here to learn more.
cloud 01.jpg
7. Bring art in the clouds with this super easy rain cloud experiment.
storm in a jar cool.jpg
8. And if a rain cloud isn’t enough, try a storm cloud! See how it’s done by clicking here.
9. Help your little one grow his fine motor skills with this silly octopus craft.
10. What a fun way to get your kiddos outside AND doing something fun and artistic in the process. Try having them make some Earth Art today!

That’s it folks! 10 super fun projects that you can easily do with your kids. Pick your favorite and get started. (Fyi…you may have noticed some of the projects border on science. This is true, a few do. Reason? Art and science can work hand in hand, and it’s important to teach your kiddos the correlation early on!)

Have fun making!



Attention Moms: Here’s Your #1 Chore

Have you ever woke up to grab your morning joe and seen a mirror image of The Hangover lingering about your abode? Shit there, shit here, shit up where? Basically, the house is a total mess, and if memory serves correct, you just spent all day yesterday cleaning it. BIG.PAIN.IN.THE.ASS. (To say the least.) Well ladies that was me this morning. And you know what…I’m done! I’m done cleaning up only to see it come back to life overnight. Is this you too? Read on. Continue reading

The Easy as Shit Meal Plan w/ Shopping List

Please note: This easy as shit mean plan is intended for audiences who are parents, wish to eat healthy (for the most part), and are looking for a simple meal plan that is easy to cook and prepare.

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10 Things I Wish I Knew as a New Mom

Are you a new mom? I’ve been there…twice. In my last 5+ years as a mother, I’ve learned a lot, and decided it’s time I share some tips (10 to be exact) with the new moms out there who have now idea what the hell they’re getting themselves into! These are things I WISH I knew ladies, so pay attention, take notes, and share these tips with your other mama friends (sharing buttons at the bottom. haha).

#1. Sleep is a luxury, not a right

I never knew how much I would miss sleep until I had my first child. I can’t believe I actually took it for granted! The sweet shut-eye I once abused was they very thing I relished when my little one came along. Thank¬†goodness for coffee or would have been toast! (I actually can’t believe how much I actually say that about most things. lol)

#2. You will need cabbage, lots of cabbage

But what for? Your boobs! When you first get your milk in those puppies will feel like two overripe watermelons. Sore, red, bulging and painful. The way around it–a shit ton of cold cabbage leaves. A certain chemical in the cold cabbage leaves aids in the reduction of swelling. But be careful, this can also lessen milk supply, and should only be used when you’re literally exploding (i.e. milk could shoot out at a moment’s notice.), and you need to reduce your milk supply fast to prevent a volcanic eruption.

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How Do You Embrace the Morning?

embrace the morning

Do you ever wake up unmotivated? With the laundry list of things that need to be achieved every day, being unmotivated at times is understandable. It’s much easier to say, “Fuck it, I’m sleeping in!”

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4 Universal Qualities Every Woman Looks for in a Man

photoeditorsdk-export (35).png

You know that feeling you get when you see an extremely good-looking stud? Butterflies, flight or fight responses, flushed skin, um…other side effects. Everyone’s different and I won’t begin to diagnose the right or wrong way to react. (I think that’s best saved for your gyno or your therapist.)

Turning the page. lol

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This week has been a shit storm

I sit in front of my laptop on a Saturday night tired and sick as all hell. In fact, since my littlest has had pink eye the whole week and decided to share, so I’m also writing with one eye glued shut. ūüė¶

For the past couple weeks either me, my kids or my husband have been sick in some form or another. Sometimes I feel like we literally look like the  cast of the walking dead. haha. Continue reading

#MamaView w/ Nicole

What’s a #MamaView?

Ever wondered if you’re totally alone in this “being a mom in 2017 thing?” You’re not. #MamaViews are interviews¬†conducted over Facebook messenger that aim to take a deep dive into what it’s really like to be a #MillennialMom. (Yeah, yeah…we completed the interview over messenger, but amidst our busy schedules, could you see us really being able to meet in person? Plus, I didn’t have to write up our conversation afterward, so there. lol)

About Nicole: 
Nicole¬†and I have been friends for AGES! She is a complete and utter Bad-A$$. She’s a single (and excellent) mother of one, with a rocking personality and body to match! How¬†does she do it all? Who knows!? I’m seriously amazed by all that she accomplishes.¬†Hear Nicole dish on life, men and the millennial stigma in this exclusive #MamaView!

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Tackling the paper monster like a boss with $6 and 60 minutes

burning mail in the fire

Scared, determined and fed up, I decided to tackle one of the biggest problem areas in our home today…the paper monster.

These sneaky little devils find¬†their way into our home through none other than, you guessed it–the mailbox.

Every day we receive¬†bills, coupons, notices (good, bad or indifferent) in the mail. They find themselves piling up in every place imaginable. The kitchen counter, living room desk, on top of the fridge, mantle, kitchen table, bathroom (yeah I know strange), you name it–these things are out to devour us!

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